How to Act Bad is an intimate film portrait of singer, songwriter, artist, filmmaker, rock star and human being Adam Green. Filmmaker Dima Dubson followed his friend Green for two years and was given access to all aspects of the multi-faceted artist's extraordinary life, both public and private.

Framed by Green’s European tour, the film’s episodic narrative takes us back and forth in time over the course of those two eventful years resulting in a raw candid exploration of art, fame, fandom, drugs, love, romantic dysfunction, privacy and honesty.

About Adam Green:
A New York native, Adam first became known along with Kimya Dawson as the co-founder of The Moldy Peaches. Since, he has gone on to have a successful solo career, spanning six albums, with hundreds of tours. Recently he achieved notoriety as a visual artist, having his first art show at the Morrison Hotel Gallery in New York City, as well as a filmmaker with his debut feature filmed entirely on iPhones, The Wrong Ferarri.